Awaken The Tides (Malefice)

We have been creed of sin we will cast our cares to the wind You will behold his greatness with your own eyes The worship of a false hypocrisy When will the cost meet your demands No more innocent souls condemned How many more will you expend Divide and conquer The between worlds of a dying apathy This is more than a call to arms This is a fucking revolution Blind submission threatens the survival of the heed Breed genocide of a fallen race This is a mass execution Ignite the skies Burn down the heavens Empires lay in ruins, buried by time Crushed by the divine My words heed, consumed by your greed Separate the truth from fiction Reject faith and acknowledge reason, sever the head of the authority Ensure the existence of the majority, terminate this ruthless tyranny Destruction my worlds of the lost skies Awaken the tides You can't stop the infernal machine What happens when we enforce the very peace that we merciless Corruption breeds dissent among humanity