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All Work And No Play (Howling Syn)

gonna hang the Pierrot today gonna lock the jesters' slay-room make it all work and no play then make the white of this groom crimson the bloom and turn to gray can someone shove me back soon? summed-up friends, threw them away released in sad rhymes from this tune where do my hopes stand from that day and no play... me back soon... from that day comfort from my box or cheers from the crowd I need a detox from those silent shouts heaven or cell - the clown keeps the clouds my orphaned hell is only ups and downs returning I'm not yet gone my ragged world from their pain adds a water side to my sun now all warmth is down the drain the tourniquet can carry on and maybe I can breathe again the clown is back from Babylon his makeup running through his veins is this really where I come from? to my sun... breathe again... I come from all work and no play makes Jack a doll boy