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Eden-Sweet Devilry (Howling Syn)

Eden-sweet devilry Little evil things of beauty Will you give in to those strange smiles? Will your heart sink to their faded lullabies? Painted scenes of mercy Pretty faces hiding envy Carnally frozen in after-death style Eternal virgins in their lovely paradise Guiltless queens of destiny Ill-scheming smiling fairies Have you said your prayers tonight? Have you fed them with your dreams of holy light? Never seeking for a treaty This pale and weak divine army Will show you their fleshly designs But shall conceal the taste of their bitter wines Angel I once was Blessed and blue Nothing wrong, nothing true Open my eyes! Plus un bruit, c'est la Com�die Charming verses, masks of pity Feathery glimpses, voice of pure delight Always their real eyes remain blind and out of sight Eden-sweet devilry Little evil things of beauty I won't give in to those strange smiles My heart won't sink to their faded lullabies Back with you I roam My wings turned black Your faithless world is my home And now these creatures make me laugh Their pain unknown There'll be no hope when I'm gone Embrace my path