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The Man Without Soul (Howling Syn)

The emptiness of dawn I see you're looking pale You must hear You do hear? The wolves that howl in the night for us A serenade of lust is tempting our senses This true pleasure of lust is charming like a dying angel Rippin' through the skin of the unholy sadness My bones are dancin' under my bleedin' skin The words penetrate the brain of the man without soul The shocking truth of the words untold The man without soul The dying life of a man with a heart of gold Innocent prayers awaking the gods Like a virus tearing as pins Let's bring balance where the fools have begun The fools have begun - The fools! Let's take your place! So let me be the child of misery This unborn soul that carried the curse of tragedy Hiding the truth of an addiction Will never kill your demon So many mysteries unsolved that belong to our god Let him rise from the hell he's created Let him see what the mighty one has started Wanna know how this is gonna end? You will return like you've been sent Whispering halo, desperate souls Dying to leave in peace from the land that was their hope