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Empire (Vancouver Sleep Clinic)

All of the sinners, all of the saints All of the beauty, all of the pain In the loss, in the gain I'm not afraid In these moments, drowned in comfort Have I come blind to what I was? As forgotten souls are lost in an empire I would have died to give you hope (I've been thinking about you, and I know I might have to) In the end these church bells won't ring out my love I'm not afraid In steps of faith I'll never break I won't be changed The people are silent, the streets are quiet I've been looking back on the chance I had To speak and start a riot, Oh lord The orphans, the hurting, the mourning, the burdened For every son and daughter, Oh lord I've lived a lie if it's not for love (I've been thinking about you, and I know I might have to) These four walls won't resound my heart ~ I see the lights and the stars align The world is lost, girl now's the time I've got a fire running through the night It's burning bright, girl now's the time ~