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Living Water (Vancouver Sleep Clinic)

I'd felt alone I'd lost control And everything I dreamed I let go Emotionless I wouldn't let you in Making me blind to what I loved So I washed up on the shoreline To chase the city lights Sold my voice to the people But nothing changed inside Pushed away from the angels To the comfort of strangers In their arms I faded Feeling further on my own I'm coming home In the moments of emotion Through all the highs and all the lows I have scoured all the world And nothing fills me Like your love In a beautiful surrender In a bittersweet farewell It took too long to find the words But you are all I ever want I know, cause you're moving me inside I know, cause I finally feel alive My strength was gone I was not unbreakable Anything I held was hollow I gave it all for the promised land And left the living water Crossed the world with these empty hands To find I'm nothing on my own And I know that I failed a thousand times In the end you're the only hope I find