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So Sweet (Def Squad)

Yeah, check it out Where eazy at man? (I think he over there dude) Where he at? damn (oh aight cool) Yo, I'm the rocka man (who? ) Glock cocka man (who? ) Blocka blocka man (you!) can't stoppa man Technique I freak Make chicks strip to bare meat Leavin' nuttin' on but their shoes No rules, I'm dumbin' out in the bathroom Gettin' sucked off 'till I bust off E single to mingle Blow somethin' in they ear to make'em tingle Earrings watch'em jingle (uh!) Leave the spot jump in the car escape Bouncin', with the new biggie smalls tape Dead wrong down sunset haven't had fun yet Me not the e, you wanna make a bet? Remember this, lounge you in the danger zone E got the blocks on snipe the drop zone (uh!) Peep the whip, I'm sittin' on twenty inch brobbit's And y'all sittin' on garbage (huh!) Feel me baby the way I be movin' Watch what I'm doin', got the spot brewin' Off the hook in here, you can smell it, gangsta I'll let eazy e tell it Chorus (4x) Feel the beat! Bein' a gangsta is so neat Yeah! gangsta beat for the street I got beef for the street to the beach I'll be rollin' Never see me strollin' 40's I'll be holdin' Girls in the daisys drive eazy crazy Rolled up my windows as I turned on my ac Rollin' down crenshaw see the hoe's joggin' Sunday nights poppin' See the 4's hoppin' My stereo's bumpin' the a-t-l funk You can call it what you want Either way the shit bumps Chorus (4x) Yeah, yeah yeah feel me y'all (who? ) The emcee y'all (yo!) Who I be y'all, e, that's me y'all Shining call me the black jack nicholson Heeeres erick, for those that's listening Yeah, I'm right there block the glare when you stare Cover your face when I'm in the place (uh, uh) E, the boy in the east, got green eyes wit' telekenisis Keep dime pieces, snatch ya feat, it's a full time jack move (riiiight!) Eazy e and e make a jack move The combo ya hear here, sound so sweet Gangsta beats for the streets Chorus (4x)