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You Do, I Do (Def Squad)

Def Squad Hah! Yo, this ain't nuthin' but rock shit I don't think ya'll niggaz can't keep up with this! FUCK ALL YOU MUTHAFUCKAZ! FUCK YOU! Hah! I don't think they can get with it! There's too much shit goin' on! Yo yo yo yo yo Redman I was chillin' up, ??? Dog Deluxe Rockin', diamond and G with the rooftop cut I'ma grown man, don't got no time for games 'n stuff I got balls that'll beat ya ollets 21 rough Look at my face, Doc's the name, don't forget it I makes ya make ya scream: "BOW!" Like my name's Willie, I get sick with it Re-dig with it, I had a nine inch slug up Before yo' stink bitch bit it, I betta clippin' crap That ya'll cats is black, a prays if the eight jacks So send neck through facts, reservoir (---) go ball when I was four Explore whores, when rock came to the door You never seen before, life to your hood My steady shows leave niggaz faxs like Rosewood When I drop the filth weather, bigga built Our dog fucked the shit outta bitch, of Tiger Mill You drinkin', I'm drinkin' You smokin', I'm smokin' You freakin', I'm freakin' You fuckin', we fuckin' You fucked up, we fucked up We make it, we take it You hate me, I hate you You talk shit, I talk shit Erick Sermon In a flash I be the E, cat 'n mouse and cash Not many ballin' niggaz out there, can touch my style! Or touch the S-class, the 5-00 sittin' on parrellies, chrome The big 2-0, catch the pitcher, my whole rap steez is deep For all ya fake dues, I'm the only show that peeps Last week I was uptown, playin' the streets ????????1-5-fifth and get...BUDDAH That's when I do, when I roll dolo, I call her bitch There was a time if I ain't doin' that, I ain't doin' shit I might go to the studio and make a hit I call my baby's moms, an hear her talk shit I scoop, I ain't get my kids, niggaz please We hit Toys 'are Rus and then Micky D's And go to a movie, the end (of) the day, and talk to 'em And take 'em back around away, and that's REAL! Keith Murray Well it's the sly Gemini, me and potatoe cuttin' drops Have the guy, wellknown but still just gettin' by And I verify mathematics don't lie nigga Put in some work, and get a piece of the pie It be the niggaz that don't immediate pertain to the situation That be tryin' to come up off the chips, and niggaz makin' And always worried if I'ma diss you, you insecure bitch To the government, stay out my shit! Niggaz was glad when I came with the keys to the chains To the cellblock to the stage, now it's time to rock I return like I never left, D-E-F, got the whole world gaspin' for breath We got these hoes spread it out like mustard I ask flava and chop, they said: "Yo, don't trust it" No, no no noo