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Worth Everything (Pocket Full Of Rocks)

I took a look inside my heart, I tried to find a part Is there anything, I could give the King Maybe there's something I've said, Maybe there's something I've done Oh, just anything to make me one of the ones He loves In desperation I stepped back, to see just what I had And to my dismay all I found Was a pile of filthy rags What was I to say, what was I to do Now that I stand here with nothing I could give to You And I hear Your voice call out my name And I listen close and I can hear You say You were worth everything, you were loved by the King You were worth everything, No there's nothing you could bring You were worth it all the time, I loved you all the while Hear the angels sing You were worth everything You stood on the edge of nothing And looked down and saw everything And before you spoke a word, the Father knew how it would be To give every man a Savior, the ultimate sacrifice The giving of what was most dear, the giving of His own son's life And he saw that hill and he saw that tree Oh and he saw the cross, it would one day be your own And I hear His voice call out Your name If you listen close You can hear Him say (Chorus)