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Under Her Wings (Mournful Whispers) (Lethian Dreams)

I listen to the mournful whispers Behind every scar I make Dark clouds fill my body And my heart is left empty Down on my knees Trying to face the fear Down on my knees With my unbalance and sorrow Trying to face the fear That mirrors in my eyes For few seconds in oblivion For few seconds lost in blood Another dream collapsed In this madness I can't rest Can't stand these haunting thoughts That bury every hope I ever had in me Sorrow lacerates my skin And I don't feel the pain The coldest rain must have killed The last flame I had in me Can't you give me your hand I can't perceive the warmth of your fire I feel like losing you And I cry for my dying angel As she makes me under her wings Sorrow lacerates my skin... Sorrow lacerates my skin...