Drunk Again (The Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

My woman says it's a dog gone shame the way Some men bring their wives money And furs and jewelry and I come home Ain't got a dime and smellin' like a brewery I'm drunk again I've been been drinkin' Gordons gin Well, I tried to quit but it ain't no use I just can't cut that juice, ah, a loose Gin has got me to the place where I don't know what to do My wife has quit me and my, my girlfriend too I'm drunk again I've been drinkin' Gordon's gin Well, I tried to quit but it just ain't no use I can't cut that juice, ah, a loose No, I can't quit it My old lady's gone too Boy, boy, boy I guess I'll go ahead and take me a walk It might make me feel better I guess I'll go on by ol', ol' John's cabin See what's happenin' down there Sounds like the joints a swingin' this evening Ooh, look at all the pretty chicks, I'll swamp There's ol' Dim Whitey What's happenin' Son? How you been doin'? I ain't seen you in a long time And Wilson too Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy Look here Hey John How about a little taste? You know what I want Gimme a big ol' glass on them good ol' gooters A big ol' glass of gin That's exactly what I need Sure feels good, gimme another one! Yeah Things are startin' to look better y'all Yeah, come here girl What's your name? What's your name girl? Say what? Alright you be like that Crabshaw don't care Yeah, I'm havin' a good time That's ol' Butterfield's band up there, ain't it? Sure soundin' good Boy I love, I love that music Alright That's what I like about Chicago I love good music and I love good gin John set 'em up again I like that stuff I believe I'm gettin' drunk Drunk as Grandpa's ol' yellow hogs Yeah Man when I get drunk, I feel like playin' my own self Yes I do Yeah Yeah Oh yeah