A Distant Brother (A Girl A Gun A Ghost)

This is not the end of us... And all this time the angels will find themselves between the living and the dead. And during this time We will look back and find your words still echo in our minds... In our separate places A wind of bad news spreads. Like a disease It consumes me. Take this message And know that in Any given moment All can be lost... All can be lost... This can't be happening... This can't be the end... This is the end. Take this message and know that in Any given moment we'll be lost within. Brothers, this night has brought a tragedy, Hold this in your thoughts And raise our brothers up; This is not the end but a moment For growth and reflection. We saw you standing and couldn't leave... Brothers we've become until the end of time For Tragedy in the night Stills this heartbeat... feeling the effects of your destiny. On to better things departing in the night, Spread out your wings, Take your last flight. We wish you were here, It's so hard to accept The hugs and tears of fear when your body's all that's left. Your spirit is at peace; Now you are at rest. We'll think of you When we confront Whatever happens next... We won't forget, We always will miss you. Will move on, We always will miss you. We will have hope, We always will miss you. And in our hearts, We will honor you... This wind spreads like a disease... This wind of bad news spreads like a disease; No it can't be true... We saw you standing and we could not believe the family we'd become. And as brothers we stand gathered among these leaves. This moment in space and time won't soon be forgotten, No we won't be broken... No we will not... Until the end of time