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Something About You (Topmodelz)

I could talk to you for days You make me laugh one thousand ways And I realise (you fill me up) Like hot water (in my tea cup) I'm enchanted by your smile I must admit it took a while For me to see that (this was something) More than (he's my friend, it's nothing) Bridge I hope to God you feel the way I feel 'Cause this could be amazing Something so super real Chorus There's something about you and you don't even know it I'm telling you now that you got me good There's something about you and I can't help but show it Damn right, you got me good Now I'm not alone With you I'm whole I gotta let you know You got me good Your style, your voice, your points of view The good, the bad and ugly too Boy I'll take it (give it to me) I'll be careful (give it to me) Addiction don't come close to this Official is what this sh- is Still I can't say it No I can't say that I'm in love Bridge Chorus I just wanna Be your all and all I just wanna be the one to make you fall I wanna take you away I want you to be for me I want you here with me forever Be my holiday, yeah Oh yeah Let me take you away There's something about you Chorus You got me You got me good