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Christmas Magic (Lohan Ali)

Every year December comes smiling faces on everyone There’s magic in the air spending time with family putting up the Christmas tree Lights are going up everywhere strangers and friends every boy and girl Spreading joy around the world That’s Christmas magic...It makes the world come together Things get better...magic (makes things happen) Its Christmas magic...All those who don’t get along Forget who’s right or wrong...Its magic (makes things happen) That’s magic...That’s magic People think of others first looking for good things and not the worst Giving gifts to show that they care there’s excitement in our soul Its the same thing for young and old its a time that we all share A magical time for all the boys and girls Shared by all around the world The reason the season blessings sent from heaven The peace and the giving jingle bells are ringing The cheers and the laughter nothing else could matter The love and the gladness...(around the world)