Hardest Rocking God of All Time (Grave Declaration)

He is one to stay close to All of those that mourn And the sorrowful of heart He shows compassion for When my spirit is dying He's the light at the end Saying I will restore you And heal you once again Blessing to the throne of compassion And mercy and hope. Our heart scream Of your faithfulness everlasting. For we Are ones whose voices were hushed. Yet We line up with the angels in order to Forever sing praise to Your Name. He is the One that turns the storm To quest sea. He's the One who feeds Thousands some bread and Tiny fish. He's so strong and so might And His Spirit lives in me. We are on, We are unified, so His strength Recharges me. Whatever my needs are, He has thought of them first. And He guides my every step to Lands where I will never thirst. And wherever I'm heading, I can feel his presence near, 'cos He promised me long time ago, "I will never leave, I swear." Jesus, Your love for mankind blows My mind. Oh, Saviour, in my own Words I'll say you're the hardest Rocking God of all time.