To My Redeemer (Grave Declaration)

Suppose You're the one who believes I see it as You are the One My cry reaches for Your attention Injustice needs to be undone I will claim Forgiveness to be mine And overcome By Your timeless, forever valid promises You've been flying far Bringing secrets to forgotten times Endlessly far Like a distance unmeasurable I will claim... For just as high As the heavens are above the earth that's how enormous Your mercy is shown to those who fear You The restless story, has yet been untold Sing with me, share the unknown Flames rise next to my soul And burn, they scar me with passion Fly, I escape from the hell From the sweet drowning, in the hot sea deep Worthy are You who was nailed to a tree With the understanding of who own revenge As You left behind all fury and hate To become the atonement for all of our sins All of man arise Hail our Saviour Christ Destined for such a gruesome death For our souls to find peace Your grace And your love so strong Turn me to "wondering unsolved" I give up on understanding your ways As I fall in your love