Brand New Dance (Das Racist)

It's a brand new dance Give us all your money Everybody love everybody I'm selling Oxycontin On my Palm Pixie, man, chicken sandwiches The cast a cla clack clack clocklo clong clacklack googoogo blahblahblah guhguhguh hahahahaha yeah I'm selling Oxycotin On my Palm Pixie, man, Chicken sandwiches They cost a clam fifty I got a credit card, I got a million dollars I got a baby bird I only feed her candy I got a girl named Candy, automatic weapons She got three sisters, all lesbians All of them do push-ups All of them could whoop me All of them do hundred push-ups without even looking All of them be cooking Candy used to date a bookie Yeah, look at me, man of the year I'm so funny You're a big dummy On your money, dog make a bunny I'm a smart guy, call me Taj Mowry Call me Tia Mowry, call me Tamera Mowry Lead to dead dowry Lead to dead the Tories Lead to watch Maury Himanshu Suri sorry With a bad mommy, and she wear a Sari And we on a safari and we eatin' supari Power be hourly dollars, cheese, scholarly Crime blotters and trees Me on the beach Semi-aquatic like otters be If you see me, on the street don't bother me Our new thing? Slacker-rock-rap Caveman rap tunes Pop, lean, snap to 'em I'm feeling strange dog I'm feeling weird man Steer clear man, tan man