Nutmeg (Das Racist)

Yes, yes, yes yes More like a spiced-out Manmohan Singh Or like a spiced-out I.K. Gujral Like a spiced-out Bhagat Singh Spice wars, crack wars I love this song, shorty said Queens Boulevard, Kierkegaard, hustle hard Hustle bustle OMG, on my guard, oh my god Vic came back with three pizzas, gave one to Dap His stomach under-crowded, proud kid, young Samaritan Fuck a George Harrison, embarrassin' Sitars no comparison, looking garish Hit it out the park, Roger Maris Plus Shea Stadium, Flushing, Corona Chop shop, Pop Rocks, My Sharona, ginkgo biloba Hold up, slow up, blow up, pull-o-ver Get Smart Again, it's a cardigan, play the race card again And again, and again, drinks at Bennigan's Where's Ralph Waldo, Ellison? Person of color, ya'll can't see me Shoot at you actors like a DP Ernie Anastos, asbestos, apartments Smarter in a Starter Jacket, custom compartments Illuminati, in my mind soul and my body Young Bobby, Digital, hobby, physical That's amazing, that's amazing, that's amazing Yo, yeah That's amazing, that's racist, that's fake shit That's space shit, that's vacant, that's complacent That's plague shit, that's offensive That's Tet Offensive, that's defenseless That's holiday, Doc Holiday, keep the doc away Sitting by the dock of the bay on yay Kanye I'm a letchu finish Helsinki, blinky blink, stinky stink, stanky stank Frank-n-Dank, feelin hot yo, watchin Rosanna Scotto Liz Cho, Sade Baderinwa, Sue Simmons Mr. G, Mr. Me, Mr. Me Too Who care who Muslim, who Hebrew? He cool, he wack, back street, street back Alley cat, rally that, Taliban, alley man Minivan, van, hans, hands Hold hands across America, Jesus on the cross Paid the cost to see the boss Scalpers got the money, no Rick Ross Big boss, man, PaRappa the Rappa, in Napa Valley Valley man, mountain man, fountain pen, count it man Borders crossed, or it's all to Mars Order you out the country tomorrow, order yours Don't go chasing waterfalls Hazmat suit, Nasdaq suit Pass that zoot, blast that truth, booth Teens found slain, bang bang bang bang Unfounded truth, brown kid, yuke Brown kid, shoot, the township youth Yeaaah Shoot shoot, the township youth Shoot shoot the township youth Y'all didn't believe me, huh? Okay Yeeaaahh Okay Yeeaaahhh Okay, Okay Okay Heyo, that's amazing, blunt in your mouth talk Silly struthers Sally Struthers, Gilmore Girls Smothers Brothers at The Fillmore Hand me that capo Cup of my Snapple at Staples Four flavor kettle corn Heavy metal porno flick chicks with tattoos Rollin up spliffs with Bambus Damn dude Whole load of Head and Shoulder shampoo My Dominican friend finna stab you Ask two questions, one: who da kid, two: who da kid Both times the answer stay: Kool AD! Ayyo, who is this though The kid ran the fuck out the door And never came back til' three weeks later In the same black t-shirt Stayed yakked til his teeth hurt Coughing up blood like "Nah, nah don't worry bout it" Roll up in a silver Hyundai and scurry up out it Niced out, no, riced out, drop like a ___ with a tail fin Boo in the back looking like a young Sarah Palin But yo pass the Craisins A young couple of gods in the castle stay blazin' Watching Tavis Smiley, writing emails to Richard Grabel White Owl, Cacique, and Sprite on the table Seven channels no cable EMI hollerin hoping that the publishing Go up like NASDAQ Don't even remember if I'm BMI or ASCAP Maybe I'm past that, I think I'm past that No I'm not past rap, well maybe I'm past rap Finna be past that Finna be a mathemagician now Hocus pocus, with the dope sick Vanna White with no tits And a banana light cream soda, coca cola Ringtone, ringtone, Motorola Sammy Sosa skin cream, Michael Jackson disease Thirty-one inch inseam, attractive mac and cheese Lamping in Jeruse, with the Maccabees Checks from Bard College cashed at Pay-o-Matic On Broadway, pass the yayo magic, static On the 27-inch Zenith, believe it Cheeses, Cheese Puffs Cheez Doodles, Cup o' Noodles, Slim Jims, Quarter Waters Quarters, corners dodecahedrons Demons, basting virgin orchids with their semen Sunflower seeds, Van Gogh Gogh Gogh Go in, Go-Go Gadget, Gauguin, Rodin, Ronin, Conan Cocaine, Rogaine, woodgrains, fertilizer Phantom Tollbooth hold you... ... street meat, street heat, beat beat, eat beets Beats street wild stopped while light up my life Fruit Loops, Kix, raps that's kid-tested, mother approved Rude, Rubik's Cube, Uncle Sam don't want you Himanshu Heems, schemes, creams, screams Screens, Queens, Beam, means Justify ends, tens, Benz, cockblock my friends Bends, Pablo Honey, money, Brown Bunny Doug Funnie, dunny [?], crummy, dummy Dumb me, green, yeah Hindu Kush in my blood, push comes to shove Shove back, love back, thug rap, shrug rap, bug rap