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Selena (Das Racist)

Ohmigod! Michael Douglas, a million dollars! Twin Towers, Colin Powers Shouts to Joan Sasso, Abigail Vazquez Shout to Sallie Mae, shout out to FAFSA Shouts to Alpha Dog, Cash is Napster, man Leo Donato DiCaprio Catch Me If You Can Shouts to white rappers, black astronauts Only two questions you should ask, allow one "Who's the kid?" Two: "Who's the kid?" Both times the answer stay Kool AD That's my rap name, slave name's Vazquez Mommy hecka pretty, and her brain game nasty Salami sandwich brown-baggin' it Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah BLAOW! Bidi bidi bidi bamba ___ Rest in pieces, Selena! Catch me in a cool place doin' a fun thing I'mma quit rapping real soon, "Get your fun in!" Get a little guap, other ways to get funds then Get on my Danzig, scream Edvard Munch shit No matter what I do, I'mma eat it up, munchin' People talkin' 'bout, "Heems I heard you got punched in." Worry 'bout how I'mma eat it up dog, luncheons Celine Dion with a booty, now I'm baggin' Bündchen's Gisele's we eat good food, that's dumplings Everyone that meet me think that I'm something Whether it's a dumb thing, or something they can run with Flows Usain Bolt, yeah they run things It's nothing, I do this cause it's easy It pays well, pumpkin Be a "bit of fun" fling, but it's getting kinda boring I am too awesome I am the walrus Victor Yeah, I'm the walrus too, dude Couldn't walk a mile in my walrus shoes, dude, true? Yes, I'm the fuckin' best! Best rapper alive, I swear to God, man Bad as I wanna be, Rodman Move a little, watch the guap in a pop band Get it in, get it out, op Man See me in Miami, 20 Cubans in a Dodge van Do it for a large fam to Bart Vale Said it before, I don't care, I'mma star, man David Bowie Starman John Comforter, oh, fuck, I didn't know how to say John Carpenter, Starman! Seminal work, Stanley Brakhage, Dog Star Man Where we at, San Diego? Carmen Suckers is butt, they need charmin' Toilet paper, take the, microphone And do, a buncha, stupid shit Shut up Suck my dick Yeah! Shabba! Shabba! Shabba Ranks! Yeah! Show up You dudes talkin' 'bout you rap And you probably does I'm blind to you haters Call me Kali Buzz And believe me the herb always come 'round Them smart brown boys back with that dumb sound Call it Hipster Rap Homie, this is Queens Rap Haar it in my voice every time the kid Heems rap The golden child, from Colden's Wild Cherry Ave Where they scold 'em wild My grandma just moved out She knows this child that gets guap and fly high His flows is wild He went from ESL to YSL Cause we XL, we fly as hell Flushing to Melrose Queens, where the crooks live CT for four years, to wile out read books then Took to bars from Brooklyn Wild out in Bushwick Come around talk smart, get your shit tooken