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Who's That Brooown! (Das Racist)

(Who's that?) Browwwn Brown Elvis - I can't help it Brown Larry Bird, y'all, the '97 Celtics All brown everything, better than you've ever seen Never have you ever seen anything like it Do you like it? Oh, I think you like it Maybe you should buy it You should probably buy it I swear I sell like West sell Sell like sex sell Smell like sex smell I swear I go like cars go Move like cargo, so retardo Always move forward, never sleep like a shark, bro Always with my people like Yarborough, y'all blow Well, who's that brown downtown like Julie Mixed-race British chicks let me in their Gucci Like, "who he? " Heems? Yeah, he a'ight, though Ball like Michael, life's vicious cycle Chickety-chaco, the chocolate chicken Half Choco Taco, quarter Chippewa Indian Black Tintin, Jewish Mel Gibson Kool AD juice man stab it like Simpson What can brown do for you? What has brown done for me lately? Now some, may I say, call me Heems The word is the herb, and I'm deep like Cream The truth like Bruce, yes, Baker and Clapton Cruisin' down the block, I'm riding shotty in a Magnum Internet celebrity like Dallas Penn and Rafi Person of color, you can't see me, copy? Murder the beat, yes, instrumental Nazi Papi, smoke that shit that come from poppy seeds This is Greedhead E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T Mpc, mp3, So your PC or M-A-C (Yeah, that's a Macbook.) What can brown do for you? What has brown done for me lately?