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Live For Life (Jones Jack)

Come with me my love And seize the day And live it Live it slowly live it fast. Never thinking once About tomorrow Till tommorrow's come and gone And passed. We'll pour the wine And fill the cup of joy And drink it Drink as if it were the last. Live... just live for life. In Paree today In Amsterdam tomorrow Sixty minutes through the skies Fly with me to see The setting summer sun And stay with me to see it rise. We'll say to those Who say to live this way Is mad... then mad we'd rather be Than wise. Live... Just live for life. If you let me I will lead you To the mystery and wonder Of a world you've never known before. Dare the dangers to be dared Magic places to explore Share the places to be shared Life is all of this and more This and more. Yesterday's a mem'ry Gone for good forever And tomorrow is a guess. What is real is what is Here and now And here and now is all that we possess So take my hand And life will live for you If only just a moment's happiness. Live... just live for life Live... just live for life