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Take A Chance (Sanchez Roger)

Ayyyyyy mi vida Intro: I’ve been watching you… From all the way across the room… I see the way you’re looking at me And I was wondering.. Are u gonna come over here.. And take..a chance… Chorus: Why’re you standin’ over there, boy Come and Take A Chance Hear the music that is playing It’s got me in a trance See the way my hips are swaying Come and join the dance So, I don’t just stand over there, boy Come and Take A Chance Vers: Tonight I’m gonna be the one that makes the first move Cause you’ve been too shy And, baby, I don’t have no time to lose Can you feel my eyes on you Does my body turn you on Just like I want it to Can you feel that sexy rhythm Takin’ over you Just let yourself go Let me take control Chorus Come closer, boy I wanna whisper something in your ear It’s just for you I don’t want nobody else to hear I can feel your eyes on me And right up on my body Is where you wanna be I can feel that sexy rhythm Taking over me I’ll let myself go And let you take control Chorus