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One Day (Custom)

one day i'll be grown up you'll still be in my head i'll be all broken up and left to rot in bed one day i'll panic think that i was never good and think of all the things i woulda coulda should one day i'll not wake up one day i'll be gone the last thing you'll hear from me are the verses of this song one day one day i won't smoke three packs of cigarettes cause i'll have things to be happy about discard my regrets one day i'll call you allow all the truths even though it's much too late and all the points are moot one day i won't wake up with a headful of cement knowing i must've got kicked out of every place that i went one day it'll be different one day it will change is one day far away is one day the only way one day's not yesterday it's only a day away does one day even matter do you think i'll be okay what would i do if you gave me just one thought cross your fingers untie the knot one pulse a little shiver pull the trigger one day i'll be different one day i'll change one day one day it'll be different i know that somehow things have to change one day it will all be different i swear i think i can change one day....