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A B-Boys Alpha (Cannibal Ox)

My mother said, "You sucked my pussy when you came out Don't ever talk back I handed ya life and I'll snatch it back" I'm just a latch key kid with a snotty nose High school drop out Space, I'm around me whiteout And I ain't dealin with no minimum wage I'd rather construct rhymes on a minimum page Cynical ways, cats sin for nickels these days Pulling the chrome out And you actin like pullin the chrome out Hated the sound of grandma's cryin the crooked letter You could hear it from the ground or when the sky thunders Made you wonder 'bout early Sunday morning Relatives dressed in black and they all mourning Flows be bangin in the paint, throwin elbows My first fight was me against five boroughs I lost my first wish But remembered every detail of my first kiss That's that Bronx Tale bliss The holiest of holies Hip hop, it was '88 Even at the age of 10, phrases levitate Drinkin Lil' Hug quarter waters Dodgin stray slugs on the corner in that exact order While you playin, death is what happens I found the passion: aerosol cans and hands clappin Backspins, microphones and cats rappin Linoleum and up rockers, the show shockers Who rip Lee patches off of imposters You ain't the Real McCoy, you a wind up toy And it's gonna cost ya And that's my B-Boy Alpha Straight outta the depths of hell Reflect the sec-ond Inhale the buddah wisdom Envision and edit inscriptions of Vor-Megala spiritualism Paint a picture from the spiritual And seriously spit a lyric That'll rip through a phsyical ligament Trigger livin in these city limits Limited with no money, goin through crazy minutes Crazy thinkin of back in the days When blazin a lazy ridance Before we was swallowin duces, poppin with gooses And rockin the bubble gooses Trouble lose kid, puffin a loosie Hoppin off Huffy, stealin Marvel comics and water uzis All of us canoeing through sewers with juvenile manuevers Caught up in nooses from borders with troubleshooters On corners where coppers'll hop outta Dunkin Donuts Poppin they gun and shoot us Or more of us aware Thinkin Rudy Guili really don't give a FUCK ABOUT A MOULE! Got me woozy, sippin Kaluha's loosin my noodles Screwed up in the two triple losers Sprayin it live, b-boy grafitti alpha Out of rap-palooza Looza, looza