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Painkillers (Cannibal Ox)

Yo, some nights we got so drunk Its like we miss the feeling Of a never ending headache And a spinning ceiling The sob story of an alcoholic On his hands and knees Praying to that porcelain toilet Whether behind bars or in front of scars We use medicine to numb the rap bar I might tell you something that'll change your death Pain kills the life Pleasure loves the breath Ox acapell I'll spit this in hell With L's hanging off my body And no ice cooler Every rhyme I write Is civilize my future wife Breaking her water In a time without order Yo, chaos is born A seance is spawned And I resurrect light beams That resemble red dawns I guess that's why I was born To recognize the beauty of a rose's thorn And learn from the strife of a soul that's torn To be forewarned Just to be forearmed So let that thought settle As we backpeddle Through the seven seas of info That'll crush your ego Some of us pop pills and snort coke To pain kill Some of us rap drugs and bear witness Cause life's ill Y0, but true happiness comes from within You can't rely on a substance Look at addiction for instance And in an instance You'll wake up out of that Requiem for a Dream But you still caught it in the rectum Right here trapped in the box Thinkin' Rap's all I got Smoke too much pot Bones with ?chromes? twisted in knots Cold vein with thoughts Bubbling hot Stoned in the bedroom Writin' this poem Off the phone Caught a head rush Smoke clouded my dome At the end of my ropes Writing these notes Hopin' to float On what is bullshit Pull spliffs flowin' to Goats The sky's the limit Stay powered vision Visualize the body righteous Lost cipher The mind's wisdom Helped me through life's transitions I'm in a tight position Hungry-ass shit flippin' With no sex of ret (ribution) This stress got my chest a mess Breathless I'm vexed Trying to escape out of the depths Of hell's nest So i rest inhale The ?tone and bless? And let the stress exhale Through clouds of cess My mind foggy And body wet Poppin' shotties Shot straight through the nostril Cloudy with thoughts of ill type menageries When pops used to tell me "it wasn't like this with drugs and sex up in my day", But poppy Shit really changed Yo niggaz is losing their minds And I can't really blame them I'm losing my brain In these times And I'm ?angered? with hangovers Ready to ride off a cliff with a Range Rover Like I was fuckin' Thelma & Louise And if I had a trigger I would squeeze Believe Blow my whole head off and bleed Trying to get that same feeling Every day pain killing