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The F Word (Cannibal Ox)

It's like, I care about you, I think about you all the time It's like, we friends and shit? Which means we treat each other right You'll be there for me when you gonna be there for me Yo it wasn't even like that I wanted my cardiovascular to fight back Cupid had me runnin' circles blindfolded In the daytime with a flashlight looking for her Yo, sit back, relax and smell the roses A fly girl by any other name would still be that But the trick is to see that I'm caught in between future's fantasies and memories I played back Told my man I started sword fighting 'cause fencing was similar to tongue kissing If you wait too long you gonna end up confessin' All I think about is you undressin' I extended my thoughts in a relationship But they sunk like the titanic relation-ships She was in a love triangle But it wasn't like my feelings weren't there to make it a square Penny's for her thoughts She's my very own American Beauty, red petals when we talk ...the f word She like music, got me heavily booted(?) When I'm out with her feelings be mixin' Chemical elixirs, caught her like a sickness And can't get rid of it, these sexual addictions Tangle witted in my opposite sex friendships With too many emotions, got me bent up And it's real I'll when something going on But nothings being said trying to figure it out Wrapped all in your head just spit it out and I'll Truly understand what the problem is 'cause you got me twisted tryin' to stress birds Kickin' that f word Fuckin around, flirtin' and stressin' my nerves Check this situation, I wore my lust like cologne She called it Obsession The background's black and white and we adolescents Like what the fuck we know about love? The more I learn it's like the Clash of the Titans All I wanna do is avoid fightin' A little arguing's okay but not everyday And if we can't communicate what we got decays Until the smell gets more pungent To the point where we can't be seen in public Body parts fallin' apart, a symbol of what things do Or better yet, a symbol of what friends do, they die And together forever just sounds fly That's how it sounded to me when I heard it And slow motion was her lips as she worded The f word "don't take it personal, I like you a lot but I don't wanna lose what we got" But what we got now is friction She tellin' me intimacy and friendship she ain't mixin' The f word Yo, you burnin' the candle at both ends I'm supposed to be the friend, I'm gettin' fried in the end The big bang theory, what is this a trend? You ask a girl out and the universe extends Tell me to talk to the hand again and I'll read your palm I'm smellin' your shit now, don't know how to call All I wanted was grounds for understanding I ain't greedy, but to hold your heart I gotta put my hand in, why debate? You think you can fit me in that anorexic space between love and hate? I got all of the first one and none of the other And that's something I learned from my sister and my mother Thought we was close in the genesis before all this Technology was cordless, a senseless courtship This is more than just a song and when he's treating you wrong I'm more than just a shoulder to cry on The F word