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Vein (Cannibal Ox)

Pop goes the flow of the weasel Strapped with an Ox full of diesel Trapped in the desert with eagles Thoughts of ghetto acapellas in cathedrals Spilling heavy gospels with cheaters Twisted up, high off the reefer Lost beyond regions of logic and reason, just being We high so be not so obedient to society's laws and limitations Lost in this ghetto population I'm just another face that's facing all types of, like Stereotypes and hatred But I ain't going to whet that and get all stressed out I'm just trying to make it and strive with my... Hellbent Hell went through changes, emotions, inner thoughts and rages Relieved and released on pages My life in its cycle and stages Seen through descriptions in nature Ever since back in the days when niggaz was loving and hating Everyone trapped and two thou caught The Matrix With diseases of judgement that breed through the hatred Conceived through these scenes and then painted Now what really defines the line of a hater And what defines the line of someone even greater And what makes somebody jump that line trying to take it Wrapped behind enemy lines trying to make it Mind in another universe while my physical's stuck on the earth In these inner city mazes Yo (11x) Lay that shit down What is you, a clown? You wanna see a little kid get shot? Give me two good reasons so I don't smack you For flashing a gun in my face just to get some respect All in all, it's all love and I'm here to protect You only twelve years old, someone'll snap your neck You let your pants sag, but your thoughts gotta pull up Mental calisthenics, lazer brains can't push up Or even sit up to fight for what they believe in He thought about it I said, "Peace, keep breathing." I see him mumbling, shrugging his shoulder He probably cursing, but he know better He had a beretta with the rubbed off serial digit And I know he got it from Carlos The Midget The only cat I know cold enough to hustle shit to kids Been in this three man team forming eight arm squid And they laugh in the face of Any possibilities of being through and dead We're all from the same ghettos And these are the same hollow tips that knock nearly out of stilettos He cocked first, I cocked second And in that exact second both of the gats burst "Man, this is your last fucking chance." "Fuck you, this is your last chance." Live and orchestrated From blocks where animals grew up as four lazers We twist mad sabres Rock the sky pimping jays all day blazes Wrapped in these inner city mazes Relaxing on corners where cats stay wasted Choking on 4-0 basics, you taste it My life's an oasis, this trife's what I make it Straight through these days spitting raps that laced it I'm just trying to blaze these mics on the stages Write on these pages like life as a scene, in amazement Like, "Ima stay blazing mics until I'm fading Off of this surface to return to my nature" In the meantime, spit flows and cop acres Put my fam in it with shelter that spaces Everyday life, yo, is rap in these mazes I'm just trying to make it The O-E slowly dissolves in my belly, got me aching Niggaz up the block, yo I swear, trying to take it But I'ma stay patient, watching every move made in the jungle It's live trying to strive in this struggle New York state of mind, that's the home that I come to Nothing but pigeons living, trapped in this system Bleeding, screaming...phoenix We needed that scrap for that meaning to stay shining Trying to escape out of hellfires and lakes Brain on another plane gliding through acid rain That's stress trying to master pain Spit words, not to hurt, but to bash your brain That's the worth of an MC wrapped in the vein New York