Puppeteer (Vampires on Tomato Juice)

It is buried, it is sealed - and hard to find Hot shit Renegade Paradox For fucks sake And if you open this chest - you're out of mind Holy shit Renegade Paradox For fucks sake Insane Holy shit Scatterbrain Fuck it Come to daddy and take a seat upon my lap - come over sweet I caress your legs I lick your cheek - I touch your fear in your heartbeat You cry... But you have to comply But you're 18 - and so plain - just to fuck you would be a shame I want to burn down your perceptions - the perfect sadisfaction Don't cry... Some day you will comply I see your pictures on the wall And you look Awesome Frenchfuck Doggystyle Hardnuts There's a secret deep inside - but you're not Ready yet Don't fear My cherry red I'm the puppeteer Pulling the strings - you are going nowhere Please don't cry I am your puppeteer You are my souvenir You won't die And I am sure you will come back