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Apotheosis (Inborn Suffering)

A will Inner strenght To go through pain Can you think You can hold this world In thy hands? Lay down Grasp for air Disemboweled being Scrap doll Thousand thorns had grown up Thousand nails through thy eyes Exhult, exhort and face Or drown in everyday's misery To become a shade Just as everyone In the flattening of the world Souring taste Of cynic words Feed thy biferness Reach Apotheosis Words are wind Memories are stones That you raise each day No salvation expected For the mourner Ad nauseam (Hell is so real) You can wait for long A sign, a light From the sky Better lose in an ocean of tears So blue So cold Little taste of Death Words would never heal A glance at the world Of utter ugliness Admit It will never end Despair succeed to despair Succeed to despair Succeed to despair Ages never change us Whatever you can be Bear your cross Be nailed on it But, you won't Be the expected messiah Remember Words remain wind Memories, stones Would you carry it each day? There's no salvation expected For the mourner Apotheosis Awaken 'till the end Wiil that fades Vanished strength Empty shell How can you hold the world in thy hands now? You've drown in everyday's misery Just like a shade, like "them" Apotheosis Little mourner Just another min's withening