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Born Guilty (Inborn Suffering)

Doesn't matter what I made Doesn't matter what I said Forever condemned to witness A scarlet world you once forbade Made of carmine, blood-red And crimson walls of distress Doesn't matter what I made Doesn't matter what I thought Your sweet words tangled my mind Your angel gaze was masquerade Born guilty, Forerver on cloud zerp Born guilty, everyone can't be a hero Only scorn for thuths long sought And contempt for those left behind Doesn't matter what you made Doesn't matter what you do I will hunt you down like a game In this azure world that you jade Made of cobalt, persian blue And sapphire peaks of shame Doesn't matter what you think Doesn't matter what you thought Now it's time for hatred and warfare Time for your life to crumble and sink With the memory of all that I fought And the end of my recurring nightmare Born guilty, forever on cloud nine Born guilty, now I got this peace of mine