Flashbacks Of Freedom (WAYD)

Crawling forward in the ecstasy of our blindness Feelin' above, under the drums of our anger Snow burns in our hands We're strangers to ourselves Society is dying when the spirit flies An ancient calling makes us die With a smile on our faces Neverhealing wounds that cry Piercing our time, belief and life One day we'll meet on the same way Buried deep in our brains We'll recognize each other Changed but not insane As the nothing light crushes and blinds me Time drives me ahead My memories are pulled from within, I know I'm nearer to death So, I go on with my insane smile, shaking with inner cold I defy me bitter night realm, looking for reborn freedom of life Heretical sunshine - face of the future Heretical sunshine - with hands open wide Heretical sunshine - in my walking shoes Heretical sunshine - a day of my sunrise A piece of immortality to take The heart is cold and head in flames