Goodbye Rain (Randy Montana)

It was coming down, I was packing up the car No room for my chair or my old guitar So quick check, got my wallet, got my cigarettes Got everything I need to get out of this town Nothing on my mind now but moving on Get a little road between you and me, and Right and wrong Lord, it's better already, it just don't seem so heavy In this midnight, moonlight, shining like a spotlight Chorus: Ninety miles an hour like a bullet Like a one-way, fast train out of this pain Ooh, yeah, don't it feel good to just run away Goodbye rain, goodbye rain I can only hope and pray I haven't seen my best day And it's around the next corner just beyond the grey 'Cause I've been everywhere, seen everything I've ever seen Out the window of this getaway Grand Am When this rearview heartache catches up again And I draw the same card, the same old losing hand I'll get the wind against my back, be like a firecracker Just another bitter end gone again before the storm sets in Repeat Chorus Twice