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Lexington Nightlife (Gas Huffer)

10 o'clock you get the call from Dr. Joe Across the river Charles to Charleston row Borrow a horse from Deacon John Its already 11 better get yourself gone All the way your warning people left and right Soldiers are coming at the break of light Make it to Lexington at 12 o'clock In time to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock [CHORUS] Paul Revere your missions clear Ride into the night You gotta make it through and warn those two The king is gonna get em if they dont engage in flight Paul, your job is finished now your day is done Suddenly your thinking of another one William Dawes is in full accord So the two of you blaze to old Concord Open up the armory and turn for home Get yourself snagged in a redcoat comb(?) Around 2'AM you wiggle loose Today you wont be swinging from a royalist noose [CHORUS]