Long White River (Gas Huffer)

Pack your duffle and your ditty bag, Here we go Say goodbye to everything you know It's a long white river, That we're bound to row Tell your people that you'll try to write, Let them wail Even though you know it's a lie, Where you're headed now They don't deliver mail The guide's decided that he's going home, It's too far Captain says there's nothing we should fear, We can find our way by looking at the stars Leather's tasty now the dogs are gone, Carry on It's november now and we got rags for boots, Got a sinking this feeling this map, Is wrong Spring has broken and the ice is gone, Sweet relief Eating every little bug and nut, There's nothig left of us But our eyes and teeth Now we're standing at the end of land, Don't you see There's nothing left for us to do right now, But row this old canoe out to the open sea