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Doomsday's Eve (Vladimirs)

Let's Say Tomorrow Things Will Be Quick, Dead, And To The Point And By This Time Tomorrow, We'll Find A Place Where Our Minds Can Join Our Hate, Our Sorrow, Will It End With Time When It All Comes Down Or Beyond Death Bound How Did I Know They'd Come Here, To Dwell The Sewers Of Their Minds And Now The Clock Is Ticking, They're Committing Soul Suicide I Clench My Fists At All The Things I Should Have Said Let The Foolish Burn, It's In The End, Wish I Was Dead In Time There Won't Be Anyone It's The End Of Time, Let Them Have Their Fun This Aint The Place I Want To Be So Let's Leave Here Now It All Came Down On Doomsday's Eve Let's Say Tomorrow There Will Be A Gate To Take The Faithful Away Will It Be Guarded By Angels Or Black-Eyed Devil's Burn, To Break Your Face Eternal Darkness, A Peaceful Death Or Ending In Flames We're All Born In Chains They All Will Come Here, With Their Sick Visions And Prophecies I'll Never Let You In, So Don't Bother Talking To Me You Rape In The Streets, Then Preach Your Spiritual Love Lies I've Had Enough, Is It The End ? Can't Wait To Die Come Doomsday's Eve