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Pictures Of Suzy (Vladimirs)

There are pictures of Suzy scattered all about the room And I don't know what I should do There are things I remember Things that I can't But I know that we had quite a dance An innocent smile A gesture of please Somehow Brought her closer to me Don't know if her friends saw my face in the light Or if they saw her put up a fight I need to believe That she needed me But I don't know But I do know that I loved her I loved her so There were pieces of Suzy hanging all about the house As I purged the blood from the Owls And rewrote the rite with her name as the flood She's eternal Internal wet sun She flew into my heart on black whiskey wings It was long ago When she condemned me To obsess Posses And confess... How much did I bleed How long did she scream In spite of me I don't know..... But I do know that I longed for her I longed for her so.... There were pictures of Suzy lying all about the place And in each one she bore a new face She thought she could fool me with masks made of skin But she knows not the places I've been For no disguise can keep me from my prize In a septic sea where the heartache hides She's brought forth As the star For my stage... She's a dream in red soaked dress Alive not alive she couldn't care less She lives on As a cruel Cursed being.... I'll keep seeing her more For when I taint the flesh Her spirit shifts form... There were pieces of Suzy breathing before my eyes It must be another one of her lies She was jumping from body From body to me It's a game that she plays Can't you see She's in every woman that glances my way The moment I catch her she's on to the next She's a blight on my soul But she's all I know....I don't know But I do know I cried for her I cried for her so There are pieces of Suzy I'll never let go And I believe that she wants it so It's all been her doing since the day it began She'll never leave my soul if she can She's an ancient creature that wears many names It's her fault But I'll take all the blame I could never explain The reasons you see She somehow always hid them from me There's no saving me How many Suzy's Must there be... I don't know But I do know I loved her I loved her so.... There are pictures of Suzy scattered all about the room