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Chelsea Avenue (Scialfa Patti)

Daniels by the jonny pump Hes drunk on cheap wine Hes got a monkey wrench in his hand Saying hell be prepared next time Everything seemed so right Who would have thought to make amends With a love so pure Who would have thought wed burn in the end From the tip of the fire to the heart of the blaze When the rain came There was nothing left to save Sifting thru the ashes for a clue Nothing but a memory of me and you Baby, down on Chelsea Avenue Light a candle light a light Im going to take you down tonight So let the bells ring and the whistles blow Across the soft country that we used to know Where every path you take is marked And every story in your heart All comes running back to you Baby, down on Chelsea Avenue Didn't we love to love to love Didn't we love to love to love Didn't we love to love now Didn't we Didn't we walk so tall Didn't we walk so free? Didn't have to search for the strength To be just what we wanted to be After the temptations It was just burning rain on wood The more we learned the less we really understood Now I don't know who makes these final decisions Who will be rewarded, punished or just forgiven But I forgave you darling because I knew Its what you would have wanted me to do Baby, down on Chelsea Avenue