Explicit (Pooh Man)

We're here today interviewin' one of America's Controversial artist, MC Pooh... MC Pooh, your listeners would like to know Why you use so much profanity in your songs? Rated X, I wouldn't give a fuck about it Explicit lyrics, bitch I can't do or die, yeah, I like to talk a lot of shit But as long as my record sells What does it mean, bitch? Critics, moms and dads, they all hate me But what the fuck have they done for me lately? See, I give damn, see But I give a fuck less about MC B See, the message is to the damn streets So I'd on't give a fuck, see I use 'bitch' and 'hoe', they gotta fend it Said they wanna compromise, they pretended it To you out there, I ask you this Do you consider yourself to be a bitch? Answer, thought so, hell no! So why they let all that drama go? Females get mad when they know At onetime or another they been a bitch or a hoe See, a bitch to Pooh is a dog, as to a hoe She can lick my mothafuckin' balls See, I ain't trippin' on negative reponse But try to ban me and the war is on See, you out there, you gotta fear it What they hate about? Yeah The gangsta hittin' explicit lyrics... Now, Pooh, that's very interestin' point of view... But can you give me an example why the females Of America disparage you so much? Bitch, suck my dick and lick my balls Get on the floor and drop your mothafuckin' drawls Trick, you don't like what I just said? Yeah, you simple minded bitches can get a boy's head Fuck you, choose the right to criticize This crackfiend is stamped so open your eyes Crack is a world wide problem As far as I know, bitch, you might use it Say I glorify the life of a gangsta And poison the minds of the youngstas Come in my neighborhood, what do you find? He's only eight years old but he's hard on the crime Now, why it is that I'm blamed for that? Look at his mommy and daddy, they both smoke crack But he heard my song so I'm the co-operate Put my dick in your mouth and then choke, bitch Black on black crime was heavy for me, hoe I think it's about time that I let you critics know See, Pooh's gotta fear it Critics wanna drive my car and they want my jewerly See, they wanna be me cause I got the women And all the fuckin' money I made a record and they could'nt bear, so fear it What they hate about me? My explicit lyrics... Yeah, Pooh, I can definitely understand why young Ladies would dislike you... Why would you use such a racketery statement as a Female dog to prefers young ladies? Oh, you mean bitch? Why would I call a woman a bitch? Cool question, so let me answer that See, a bitch likes to play But I'm a type that I blow a punk bitch away Some girls are cool but some like to be a pain When I won't give'em cash I apply for welfare, bitch, I ain't bein' had money It's way too scared We work for all signin' money for us, players A brotha like me don't pay to play Girls like wetnose puppies can get a hell away It's only meat on the bone I can fuck it, suck it and leave it alone You control the body and I control the mind Like I said on my last tape: a bitch is a waste of time But maybe you didn't hear it What do they hate about Pooh? My explicit lyrics... I can tell these interviewes that you are not only Ignorant but profane, foul, immature and ridicilous... I be all of that... But before we go would you like to have any other words? Yeah, get the fuck out of my face, bitch! Recognize game, young bitch Say my lyrics and suck my mothafuckin' dick 90 the year of real mack Fools talk shit, bitch, but I ain't with that Big time, straight from the Villa I'm better known as a goddamn killa Rhymelord, more rhymes what you ever make What ever it is, man, Pooh-Man don't play Again you get back to a brotha named MC Pooh Never givin' a fuck cause life's like that You better wear vest and strap your gat Cause a player like Pooh is on a creep Talk some more shit and get your mothafuckin' ass beated What about in jail bein' locked down? Kickin' it with a pretty boy on a fuckin' campaign Institutionalized, cross a game And loose your mothafuckin' life But once in the system: game gets real Yeah, I made it big and you bitches couldn't hear it What do they hate about me, Ant Banks? Your goddamn explicit lyrics... Now, Ant Banks, aren't you the producer of this X-rated trash? Yeah, that's right! Me and Big Bruce and the 7-Duce got it goin' on... You know what I'm sayin'? With the B.G. gettin' paid like a Mothafucka with explicit lyrics, bitch!