Player Haters (Pooh Man)

Player haters, player haters We can't the player haters Yeah, man, let's kick the funky gangster shit Give enough respect Mike, a.k.a Cash Money Man, I tell ya, this nigga is funny Always bragging to the girls about what he had Sucker always told his dry ass has drama drag Told the partners he was down with us We should of figured, he was out to get us He had another partner named Jeff He hooked up with him and game done left Now we talk bad about me and my crew High siding with bitches and talking about fuck Pooh Now I know just how to handle this Call up her sister and let her suck my dick Or maybe I should call his women And stick my dick in her motherfucking mouth when I'm cumming See, here is some game for you motherfucking fakers He crossed game, so he is a motherfucking player hater Player haters Player haters Player haters I know you're asking yourself what is a player hater Another brother who hates me because my game is greater See, I got a lot of female friends I drive a '73 Chevy instead of an '89 Benz When it comes to women, I put my foot down I give them respect but sometimes I have to clown And niggas down aspected game So they get behind my back and talk bad about my name Now I see if you was doing better than me Now take what he's got and multiply times three It ain't a bragging thang I am just a nigga who refuses to cross game Or let a bitch be the reason Man, I tell ya, it ain't shit but treason I tell ya, man, niggas ain't shit He's just mad because I am fucking his bitch See I fucked her but never am I paying her You be a player hater Player haters, player haters They can't stand player haters Player haters Cash Money is a player hater, Vince is too Fuck you niggas and the whole damn crew You thought you could do me with your punk ass words But all that bullshit get shot to the curb Told that bitch about my other bitch All that player hating did stop shit, niggas I rob Ricky and Jay and all you players around the bay Now let's not forget about Moe and this clip Ain't shit but a player hating son of a bitch Now I know we got 'em and will be sitting in the lane Pussy ass niggas is jealous of the next man Now I took this time to throw off steam But I still got his little ass bitch on my team Now we talk all that shit, it didn't work faker But it fucked up trick, you ain't shit but a player hater Player haters, player haters Player haters, player haters Player haters, player haters Player haters, player haters