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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Broadway And Briar (The Broadways)

I wait for my friends to get off work and stand and smoke And a crazy man sits next to me Looking down at a pile of his broken dreams And he won't even look at me I'm still young And have so far to go And he says to a passerby with a sad sad smile, "does anyone know?" "who do I have to kill to see a familiar face in this town? It seems like all my old friends have moved awa why" I feel like I know what he means Will 10 years go by and no one remember my name? I don't want it to be that way But it happened to this guy and I'm exactly the same as him But I'm young and have so far to go And I've seen what happens to pe ople It's just years and years of letting lonliness grow he said - ..he means youth doesn't last forever and neither do dreams.