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I Hear Things Are Just As Bad Down In Lake Erie (The Broadways)

another ugly f**king stare friendly faces seem so few and far between the older i get it seems i'm just a piece of shit to those even older than me why am i so f**king bad? i've been to school ever since i was three and i'm part of a happy family well my agenda might not be the same as yours more to do with peace of mind and less to do with greed i don't live vicariously through my tv if i had a wish i'd do away with capitalist society i'd build a world where smiles and love are worth more than money and if this world blew up i'd finally get a decent night's sleep and every night i pray for sweet dreams and an h-bomb but my bomb didn't fall today looked at the sky and prayed for metal rain yesterday i stared out at the water, lawn chair in the sand all day and as the sun kissed the horizon and the day began to fade and people got into their cars and drove the f**k away and the sounds of modern industry drifted lazily into space but the fish are still dead in the water and the machine starts up again at 8 and when the by-products of progress are human lives instead of fish it will be too late to realize our mistakes our quest for progress has become so f**king absurd thank god for juicers vcrs and quisinarts meanwhile people are still f**king blind meanwhile we're all dying of aids o the neutron bomb is so f**king ingenious kill a million people instantly but preserve their machines erase a culture and a race but their fax machines are safe just another f**king reason why i hate this f**king place the fish are f**king dead in the water and the ugly stares persist and i forgot how to smile is it our culture, our species or just our sick state of mind that makes us so proficient in hate? yeah we blew up japan and they bought our real estate and the indians never saw a dime we look out for #1 so much that #2 is dehumanized if you don't believe me then take a look out on the street human f**king beings living in refridgerator boxes begging assholes like yuo and me for money just to eat the fish are all dead in the water and the feelings are dead on the shore and the only dream i have is for an h bomb to come and blow us f**king up so you don't have to hear me bitch anymore