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Police Song (The Broadways)

do you remember the first thing you had to memorize? was it the pledge of allegiance? a five year old stands for a flag that killed off all the real americans do we really like being controlled or are our heads just spinning? more cops more prisons to bear down on crime and violence yet we glamorize violence through televised wars my friend was unjustly beaten by the police and broken star brought shame to the 57th precinct and with their power came extortion and corruption and failing to report rape and hatecrimes to make chicago look safe tell me is this secrutiy, do we need protection from the police? we need to reassess the power vested in authority and social control threatens public safety do you feel safe? see, i don't know what we're thinking paying taxes so that we can be controlled do you know what ahppens when we start accepting everything that we've been told? we all fall down and we close our eyes and pretend not to see but why is a crime not a crime when it's committed by police? we close our eyes and pretend not to see but my friend got beat up by police i had a dream that my whole town had turned into a prison a cop on every corner but i don't feel too safe feels like i'm in jail