Red Line (The Broadways)

All alone again, the phone forgot to ring Even if it did, I doubt it would be for me Bedside table photographs of you, half smoked cigarettes Remember something too good to be true And you called me and told me you were home Watching movies with your friends While I sit by the phone I guess I'll have another cigarette I guess I'll write another song If I could be anything I'd be an aeroplane and then I'd fly so far away 500 miles so that you could look at me that way The ceiling is so lonely when it's all that you can see Lying here on my back thinking of your smile And the next time you'll show it to me I can't help being jealous of your room when you're in it all alone And I can't help being jealous of your friends when you're having fun And I'm stuck here at home I took the el today and everything reminded me of you And I remember how you sat on the stairs Eating popsicles that turned your lips blue I knew it then I know it now My favorite dream has come true I love you so much and I'll never meet another like you.