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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Nautical Mile (The Broadways)

a fistfull of feeling tossed into the water the boat has a hole we're sinking take it in stride and stand down the world comes much harder than one thousand hard hands and when it fights fight back with right minds yes it is uncertain but i'm surely certain that we all must get along and take it in hand and pull yourself up this comes much harder than one thousand hard hands such in that gut you're in luck you've got one thousand people on your side take it in stride and when there's nothing left to patch the hole we'll swim together and let the boat sink to the bottom of the stream with all it's long lost friends (abandoned drown in loneliness not strong enough to hold our dreams) and if it comes down to just you and i standing on the last corner of the last town of the last city in the burning worl