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The Pope Of Chili-town (The Broadways)

stormy seas closing in american society will never be the same again do you remember what it means to be free? do you remember when theft was the only threat to private property? now the cops are stormtroopers on parade swat team nazi repo men machine guns and grenades martial law is coming in time the seizure of your home? they need not charge you with a crime, how can an american feel safe when police authority runs virtually unchecked? and how can a human being ignore legislation that signals the cops declaring war on the private citizen? there is a bill being discussed right now that would bring the army into the interior of our country andd o you know where we'd be then? our every move observed by uniformed militia men machine guns on every corner and unbridled state of martial law it's just a little too late to write your congressman justice for and by the people is long gone and you can smile dumbly about the rights that you still have but you're living in a dream just keep your tv watching jenny jones your fridge filled up with beer and you'll n ever even hear your neighbor's scream until it's you until it's you.