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We'll Have A Party (The Broadways)

The sun came up exposed the cloud the city put up Grey mountains lost grey skies covered them up So what if we can make a million cars in one day Or a million bombs to blow ourself up Should we call this free? The answer's obvious decisions made for and against us The sun came up behind the trees on the city it looks so ugly to me A million people a million dreams But not a word spoken it seems I'll be a friend to you be a friend to me The bosses learned to fool the slaves into 8 hour days But do we need them or do they need us? It seems like we dwell on these useless things Life-styles of wealth pursuit of money Competition says to beat each other down for personal gain Sorry I didn't call last night, I've got a lot of nothing taking all my time Motivation sometimes sinks deep in the couch cushions Sometimes sleep is my best friend And it hurt me when my friends transformed into my parents They don't call here anymore so it all comes down to this turn 18 find life employment shut your mouth cover your eyes I think we deserve a bit more than this Do you really think you run your life? And when all the skies turn grey and the earth rejects this mess we've made And all the cities fallt ot he sea When every person has the means to build a life, follow their dreams And not be worked into their grave When all governments And multi-million dollar corporations have been torn down By commen men, when it all falls down You and I sitting on the mountain side staring at the sun.