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All Aces (xLooking Forwardx)

The hand is on and I'm on top Made my quads when we were dealt the flop. And no one, no one can beat this hand I'm at the wheel and I'm in command Now that everything is going my way Can't be bluffed I'm here to stay You don't know that you're drawing dead So call this bet and I'll be the way ahead. I'm all aces and I can't lose Call or fold now it's time to choose And you know which way I'm gonna go And I'm all aces. It's a monster hand if you want to fall So push in your chips and call, baby, call. Slow your roll dealer, man, what's the rush? Give him time to pray for that royal flush. I'm all aces - read 'em and weep baby. I won't be afraid to take my shot. And push 'em in like it's the last I've got. Won't be unsure about how much I gave. Won't take my regrets into my grave.