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Not For Sale (xLooking Forwardx)

Acceptance - what a poisonous word and a poisonous thing for which we strive. Rejected - they'll kick you out of the heard and deny you what you need to survive. But we don't even care. Our hearts and minds they aren't for sale. I find it hard to believe that this is how it goes. And that this is what we do. You turn 21 this is how you have fun. A whole new life is waiting for you. So just drink 'em down 'til your brain runs wild. And your pride is gone so you act like a child. Sleep with whoever you can. Now your body's defiled. Join the crowd. And if you don't buy the things they sell. You're damning yourself straight to hell. And if you don't adopt what they?re about. Then you're missing out. You're missing out. I wont drink, drink, drink and act like a fool. So I can fit in with you so that you'll think that I'm cool. I wont take up a habit people are dying to quit. Or smoke some weed that'll make me an idiot. And I'll cut my throat before I buy what they sell. Straight edge for life until the day I die. One look at this world makes being edge so easy. I don't even have to, don't even have to try. We hear the lies you tell. We are not for sale. Lie to our faces we're not for sale. Clear hearts and minds they are not for sale. We don't even care