Moonwalk Mafia (INDK)

You'll find us drinkin on the street Maybe at the boardwalk in New Orleans' heat Down by the dock At the Riverwalk The tourists all look on in shock They didn't know this happened in the States "They must be ingrates." I don't wanna waste my time Standin like a sucker in the longest line Waitin for the package deal Waitin round just to find something real I may not know just where to look But I don't need to read your fuckin book I may not know a thing about it But I've got a reason to doubt it You're waiting for commands from tower control Propaganda stories of the Highway Patrol TV, magazines - you think they're something great Regurgitated answers that you're gettin are so second rate Watching the program on two-zero Oh, the cop is such a hero I know ya wanna be like that Know ya wanna be the big cat Though it won't hurt to fill your dreams You won't be happy by any means Solutions can't be bought at shops Or seen on Cops