Rallying Point (INDK)

Yar-hoi! Yar-harri-hoi, the urge to destroy! Poison blades and calling out across the open sea So long March away singing a fighting song Off to foriegn soil not to toil But to war Doom comes Sound tha drums The storm is coming on We'll be marching off to war O' ere the break of dawn Life's fast- drain the flask! Yhere's n'eary to wonder why Make the merrier now for tomorrow we all may die Uruk-hai! Of wanderlust and out to die We've tarried long on the banks of poverty now the hour's night Those who will- come up! For now we take the final sup Few defy the Fell Beast But this hour we dare! O- We have no place to go Wanderers of dust and dale We come to you through hill and vale On and on - hither we're drawn Through dusk and dawn The muster of the Outlands in the distances come on